Jefferson Street Sound
Jefferson Street Sound, LLC is committed to preserve and pursue the musical legacy that Historical Jefferson Street has fostered, hosted and entertained since the early 1940’s, as the lively hub of Jazz, Blues and R&B in Nashville.

Jefferson Street Sound LLC will serve as a conduit and an alliance for musicians, performing artists and those who appreciate great music.

Jefferson Street Sound, LLC will strive to impact the direction of the music industry by creating, producing, promoting, nurturing and distributing futuristic music.

Jefferson Street Sound, LLC will focus on providing state-of-the-art equipment, professional staff, cost efficient services, identifying and producing talent with innovative, unique musical styles.

Our Vision is to establish Jefferson Street Sound, LLC as a prominent and prestigious contributor to the music industry.

Jefferson Street Poster 2014

Night Clubbin’ on Historical Jefferson Street Tree

JSS’s Night Clubbin’ on Historical Jefferson Street Tree recognizes and honors “back in the day” nighttime entertainment and surrounding entertainment venues by acknowledging the clubs that housed musicians and artists of the 1940s – 1970s in Nashville, Tennessee. The musicians and artists provided live performances and jukebox recordings and were responsible for shaping the jazz, blues, and rhythm & blues genres of this era.

The tree represents family relationships that existed among nightclub owners and musicians and artists, other business establishments, and educational institutions. These places provided platforms for musicians’ and artists’ unrestrained, sensational and captivating performances to be enjoyed by their admirers.

The tree trunk represents Jefferson Street, the main artery on which a variety of nightclubs and dinner clubs stood; and it also identifies the intersecting cross streets that housed nighttime entertainment. Jazz, blues, and rhythm & blues connoisseurs in anticipation of a mood altering evening gathered to quiver or sway to the pulsating music vibes that sprang from the acoustically prepared walls of the venues, dancing to music that would be later heralded as a basic foundation from which so much other music was born.

The main branches name the nightclubs and dinner clubs along with other businesses and educational institutions. The leaves associate musicians’ and artists’ names with the establishments where they performed.

The evolutionary process of musical and vocal composition has been remarkable. Since the 1940 – 1970s numerous musicians and artists have used legacies from the “back in the day” era as catalysts to advance their careers.


JSS’s recordings, post cards, tee shirts, hats, scarves, pins, beverage ware, shows, bus tours, plays, and books symbolize what the evolutionary process of “back in the day – shaping tomorrow” feels like. JSS products provide an opportunity for visiting and non-visiting audiences, through their imagination or participation, to experience the emotionally charged atmosphere and earthiness created by the music that resonated from the walls of the establishments.

A person can revisit a “back in the day” time when Jefferson Street clubs and surrounding entertainment venues were a reigning force in the nightclub world by reading JSS nightclub history books, attending the shows, or listening to the recordings. One can then transcend into the JSS’s post 1970s era by listening to “shaping tomorrow” futuristic recordings, participating in JSS’ social media outlets, and coming to its events.

Whether cherishing a “back in the day” time or creating a “shaping tomorrow” occasion, memories can be preserved through JSS’ memorabilia.   Shop JSS Store for Memorabilia!