Jefferson Street Sound, LLC

Mr. Washington recognizes the opportunities that exist in furthering the promotion of Nashville as an iconic musical hub. He is committed to carrying on the phenomenal legacy
of musicians and artists like Marion James, DeFord Bailey, James Brown, Little Richard, Johnny Jones, Jimmy Church, Jimmy Hendrix, Nick Nixon, Earl Gaines, Bobby Hebb, The Valentines, Herbert Hunter, Dock Blakely, Muddy Waters, Beegie Adair, and many other musicians and artists who performed in the clubs on Jefferson Street from the 1940s – 1970s. Inspired by “back in the day” legends, Mr. Washington is committed to using the foundation that these musicians and artists left as a catalyst to spur the development of a viable Jefferson Street business district that will be led by Jefferson Street Sound’s new, innovative, unique musical style.
Jefferson Street Sound, LLC

To establish Jefferson Street Sound as a prominent and prestigious contributor to the music industry.

To impact the direction of the music industry by creating, producing, promoting and distributing futuristic music, led by innovative sound and the identification of unique talent.